Vladimir Janakievski

Combination of super enthusiastic guide and ski teacher who successfully blends two very contrasting roles into his professional life as a teacher. In summer guiding in mountains, and in winter on a ski terrain teaching the youngest about the magic of skiing and mentoring other skiers how to improve their stile and techniques in skiing.


Education, working experience, certificate

Born: 1986. Master degree of Faculty of Physical Education,Sport and Healt –title professor for P.E.S.H; Certificate for completed training “Leave No Trace – Centre for Outdoor Ethics”. Ski instructor of Ski Federation of  R.Macedonia. Certificate for accomplished basic and specialized courses for mountain rescue , Member of Mountain Rescue Team of Directorate for Protect and Rescue of Republic Macedonia. Member of the MSC “Pelister”.
Languages: Macedonian, English, South Slavic languages.
Presently working for M.S. in a ski centre Kopanki in NP Pelister, and involved to maintain security on the marked pistes, evacuating the injured from the pistes and first respond to ski accidents. However his greatest love is to work with children and teaching them about motor functions for proper and healthy development of children organisms.