Memorial tourism proposes an experience of heritage sites that enhance the visitor’s knowledge of the history and culture of a city, a region or a nation.
It’s main objectives are: to bear witness to the events of the past, explain these events and put them into perspective; encourage reflection on the part of future generations through appropriate, accessible and educational tools; and encourage the economic development of territories.
During the Great War (WWI) Bitola region was site of bloody battles. Here the armies of the Antanta (Italian, French, Serbian, English, Greek) and the Central Forces (Austro-Hungarian, German, Bulgarian and Turkish) were fighting at the Macedonian Front or Solunski Front on the slopes of Kajmakchalan – Nidje Mountain. In the Historical Annals is written that thousands and thousands of local Macedonian people was recruited by force on bout side of warfare parties, more than one million solders took part in the Great War in these parts, and several lethal combats took place. Just for illustration the two most bombed towns in WWI are Verdun in France and Bitola in Macedonia.
By our memorial tours we are providing you a unique chance of visiting these places.


KAJMAKCALAN  The Battle on Kajmakcalan remained remembered in history by the large number of casualties suffered by both sides, the Bulgarian and Serbian armies were stationed at the opposite sides of this…

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