Mountain hut at Golemo Ezero – Pelister (2218m)



Six big sleeping rooms wit different capacity, from 4 to 12 beds. Total 30 beds and round 20 mattresses. Possible heating on wooden stove in three rooms. There is one big dining room with large capacity and hitting in it, is again with wooden stove. For every person who will chose to sleep in the hut there are clean sheets, pillow, and woolen blankets.

Drinking water and toilet

There is a big spring of clean and cold mountain water close to the hut that never stops. Toilet is public 30 meters from the hut.


There is a modest kitchen in the hut, which every visitor can use it along with diner set for eating or cooking. You can have many local spices, salt and olive oil for free, for everyone. But in order to enjoy totally in you visit, we suggest you to have Macedonian traditional food and drinks from the local villages which we can provided for you up in the hut.


During the summer months (from beginning of May, until late of October) mountain hut is always open in weekends, (and sometimes during the “off season,” and in winter, with our guides can be open extra then regular).

Electric Power

There is small generator on petrol which provides electricity in the hut( 3-kw/h) and it works in the evening hours.

First Aid

In the hut there is a first aid box with medicaments for treating various injuries, allergies or other medical problems.


It is strongly recommended to contact us about your plans to visit the mountain hut(especially in high season) in order to reserve sleeping room or get info about the conditions up in the hut-like water, food, electric power, weather forecast, conditions of the hiking trails and many more.

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