Igor Radicoski

The first quality everyone notices with Igor is his outgoing personality and his great personal skills. He is an expert super jeep driver, mountain guide, ski touring, and mountain rescuer. He makes sure everything works out smoothly, taking care of both theoretical and practical things related with our tour adventures.

Education, working experience, certificate

Born: 1978. Certificate for completed Mountain Guide with A license – Federation of Mountaineering Sports of the Republic of Macedonia-member of UIAA and BMU.
Numerous certificates for accomplished basic and specialized courses for mountain rescue, urban search and rescue, and certificates for participation in an international military and civil exercises with civil scenario. Member of a USAR and Mountain Rescue Team of Directorate for Protect and Rescue of Republic Macedonia. Member of the MSC “Pelister”.
Languages:Macedonian, English, South Slavic languages.
His passion is encouraging people of all ages to understand the importance of our outdoor environment and inspiring them to safely explore and protect it.
He helps keep things running smoothly in the background, with gear and hut maintenance and hut restocks.