Mariovo Region And Black River Canyon

Starting from a previously arranged gathering place in Bitola, our licensed mountain guide with a 4×4 Jeep will take on an 8-9 hour long trip round the most beautiful, cleanest, ecological and probably one of the last places on earth untouched by human civilization.
On this amazing adventure, from the jeep, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful nature, the mountain ranges, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the deep oak forest along with the small, fast rivers with clean and cold water.

Along the trip the terrain will vary from deep forest to desert like places, from valleys to mountains, from inhabited to totally deserted villages. You will have the opportunity to drink water directly from the river while enjoying the aromatic smell of the mountain herbs and flowers along with the songs of different kinds of birds and nightingales.
We will drive across and above a 70km long canyon, the longest in our country beside the second longest river in our country, the Black River. You will also have the opportunity to go on a small hike to one of the most beautiful stone bridges in this region, and visit the old water-mill near the bridge. Somewhere in the mountains we will visit a place where in ancient times there was an old mine for the most famous mineral in Mariovo, the Momirok (Latin name – Liskun).
You will also witness the rural way of living in Mariovo’s villages that are characterized by the unique architecture of the houses, built only with natural materials like stones, mud and timbering. Here, if you wish, you can again taste the old savories which urban people have forgotten about- homemade bread, sheep cheese, honey, dry meat, fresh salad and fruits authentic for this region, and many, many more…


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