The Eyes Of Pelister

Big and Small Lake On Pelister

Starting from a previously arranged gathering place in Bitola, our licensed mountain guide will take you on an 8-9 hours off-road, 4×4 jeep adventure, to the glacier lakes of the national park Pelister.
Big Lake
Small Lake 
On this two and a half hours long(one way direction), off-road adventure, from the jeep, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature, smell the fresh air and see the ever green endemic pine tree, Molika, the pine tree you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The lucky ones will also have the chance to see some of the different kinds of animals who live in the area of this national park, maybe even the very famous lynx.

At 2180 metres above sea level with the help of your mountain guide you will be able to go on a walking tour round the lakes and reach the only spot in the park from where you can see and take pictures of the 24 summits of the park, higher than 2000metres, the amazing Prespa lake, the Pelagonija valley, the surrounding mountains as well as the actual front line, the trenches from the Macedonian front during World War I.
After all this, we strongly advise you to taste the mountain tea or blueberry juice and enjoy the traditional food and drinks in the mountain hut located beside one of the glacier lakes, the Big Lake.

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