Three day weekend – Golemo Ezero, Antenna, v.Brajcino – Hiking Tour

Dear nature lover,
The location you are at is one of the most visited destinations by professional and amateur mountaineers from around the world. There are a number of reasons for this but the most important one of all is the fact that this is the most attractive part of the mountain, the heart of the highly protected area in the oldest national park in the country and beyond-Pelister.
Due to their enormous beauty, Golemo Ezero (Big Lake) ,along with Malo Ezero (Small Lake), which is located nearby, are also known as Pelister’s eyes .
Golemo ezero (Big Lake), situated on altitude of 2218metres, is one of the highest located glacial lakes in Macedonia. Its length is 230metres, its width is 162metres and it is up to 17metres deep. The transparency of the water with its turquoise colour goes up to 12metres. The temperature of the water in the surface levels during July and August varies between 13 and 17°С, and in winter time the lake freezes over.

Day 1


  • Walking distance: 3.73 mi. / 6 km.
  • Elevation min: 1131 metres   max: 2216 meters
  • Uphill: 1040 metres down: 19 metres
  • Type: One way

Day 2BIG LAKE – SMALL LAKE                                                           SMALL LAKE – PELISTER PEAK

Walking distance: 1.86 mi. – 3 km.                                                       Hiking distance: 2.49 mi. – 4 km

Elevation min:2189 metres max:2262 metres                                   Elevation min:2174 metresmax:2601 metres

Uphill:49 metres down:81 metres                                                        Uphill:407 metresdown:38 metres

Type: One way                                                                                          Type: One way


Day 3



Hiking distance: 7.5 mi. – 17 km

Uphill: 100 metres  down: 900metres

Starting point:. Golemo Ezero 2220m asl.

Final point: Brajchino village, at 1000m asl

Type: One way

The trail starting point is the mountain hut at Big Lake and from there on it goes along the so called French trek, which dates from World War I, and reaches the mountain col in front of Orlovi Bari after which you can continue through a pass to the  Prespa’s part of  Baba mountain.
Going through many curves  in a zigzag line, following the old trenches and bunkers from World War I, you can reach the area called Panorama from where you can enter the  area of the Brajchino village. The trek also leads to the forest belt and alongside a small fountain as well as a deserted sheepfold under the Marushica peak.
Gradually, form the open part of the mountain you cross into the forest overgrown with oak and beech trees and move alongside the flow of the Brajchinska river. At about 2 km in front of the village the trek crosses the river over a bridge nearby the St. Ilija church and goes along the forest road by the old sawmill entering the Brajchino village from the east side. The time needed for going along this 17 km long trek is about 5 hours.

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