H.Molika – Kopanki – s.Stiv 2468m a.s.l. – s.Ilinden 2500m a.s.l. – s.Pelister 2601m a.s.l. – s.Siroko Stapalo 2415m a.s.l. – s.Partizanski Vrv 2349m a.s.l. – s.Veternica 2420m a.sl.-m.h.Golemo Ezero 2218m a.s.l. – s.Griva 2198m a.s.l. – s.Muza 2350m.a.s.l.s.Rzana 2334m a.s.l.


  • Duration: 2 days(10-12 hours per day with rests) with overnight in the mountain hut Golemo Ezero.
  • Starting point: Hotel Molika, at 1452m asl.
  • Highest point: Pelister pick, at 2601m asl.
  • Hiking distance: around 30 km.
  • Equipment: Professional –winter conditions
  • Type: one way
  • Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Optional: possible skiing down towards local villages on Pelagonia valley-v.Ostrec,Kisava,Dragos or Prespa side valley,v.Dolno Dupeni,v.Brajcino.


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