Adventure in Gradeshka River, Mariovo, Macedonia

4 Hours Adventure – Abseil Down, Sliding, Swimming in Canyon of Gradeshka River

Starting from a previously arranged, gathering place in Bitola (around our licensed mountain guide will accompany you on a 8-9 hour unforgettable adventure tour trip round the most beautiful, cleanest, ecological and probably one of the last places on earth untouched by human civilization-region Mariovo.  After 1.30.hours (with few stopping) of driving across the biggest volley in our country Pelagonija, we will enter the region Mariovo, and the canyon Of the Black River.

Here we will have a small break for sight-scenes of the canyon and we will continue towards village Zovic and river Gradeska for starting point of the canyoning. In Zovic we will have briefing for the upcoming canyoning, river-hiking, and after dressing wetsuits, harness, helmets we will go in the canyon, and for the next 3-4 hours we will spend hiking in the canyon.

After that we will exit from the canyon and after small (15 min) walk we will be back in the village on starting point. Here, or in different village on our tour we’ll have a traditional lunch and have a chance to taste the old savories which urban people have forgotten about- homemade bread, sheep cheese, honey, meat, fresh salad and fruits authentic for this region, and many, many more…   You will also witness the rural way of living in Mariovo’s villages that are characterized by the unique architecture of the houses, built only with natural materials like stones, mud and timbering. After lunch, we’ll head back to Bitola (around

Equipment that we provide:

  • Neoprene Wet suit 4mm (from feet to the neck)
  • Body Harness
  • Helmet
  • All the rest technical equipment (ropes, carabineers, descenders, etc)

Equipment that you have to have it with you:

  • Hiking shoes, or slippers (they’ll be all wet after the canyoning)
  • Swimming dress
  • Sun cream

Canyoning offers unforgettable experience in nature. The natural water park runs along the riverbed formed by water. You are jumping into the pools and sliding on a rocky slide, descending with rope and swimming in clear transparent pools.

The season runs from May-June, to October. Natural water slides and pools are excellent refreshment during hot summer days.

This is a guided activity so you don’t need any experience. Only requirements are swimming basics and anticipation for adrenalin adventure! Canyoning is suitable for individuals, couples, larger groups and families, so basically everyone who wants to follow the stream along its canyon.

Every person on the way to the Canyon will receive a LETTER OF AWAERENESS in which will be explain the whole tour in a details, possible dangers, safety plan, and everyone should sigh it, before the starting of the adventure.

   Neopren Wetsuit
    All Technical Equipments
    Professional Canyoning Instructor
    Breakfast or Lunch – Optional
    Both way transportation

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